Layout and Bending of ‘Ukulele Sides and Lining

  1. Use carpenter measuring tape and measure the inside of your mold from the center line of the tail to the center line of the neck block. Allow 1/2″ extra for length.
  2. Jointer top of the sides making a straight edge.
  3. Mark each side to denote which will be the top inside tail joint.
  4. Stack the two side pieces together on the chop saw and make sure the TOP edge of the side pieces are flush to the chop saw’s fence. This will make a square 90 degree end for the tail joint where the grain lines match up.

    If you have one long piece for the ‘ukulele side skip step 4.

  5. Layout height of front and tail according to the dimensions on the template. Draw a straight line for the bottom/back edge of the side or sides.
  6. Cut out bottom edge of side leaving your lines.
  7. Using the edge sander, sand bottom edge of side only leaving the line.
  8. Soak sides and linings (all 4) in water for approximately one hour.
  9. After soaking sides and linings for one hour, use the bending iron to bend sides and linings to shape of the mold. Make sure the tail end of the sides line up with the center line of the mold.
  10. After sides are bent and in mold, leave approximately 5/8″ out of the mold so you can place bent linings in mold to keep their shape. Clamp and leave in mold until the neck and the front of the ‘ukulele body are installed.