Constructing the Ukulele Neck

  1. Layout center line down center of block. Cut of 1 1/2″ from the end of the block and glue on to the end for the heel of the neck. Layout side view and top view of the neck following the diagram as a guide. Width and length dimensions will vary with the size of the ‘ukulele you will be making.
    Neck Layout

    Neck Layout

  2. After glue has dried, use the band saw to cut out the side view first. Save bottom fall off piece of neck to use when cutting top view out.

  3. Sand side view of neck to line on the drum sander.
  4. Cut out top view of neck using the band saw. Be sure to cut outside of the lines, leaving the lines.
  5. Sand top view of neck to line (leaving the line). Do not round top edge of ‘ukulele neck where fret board will be installed or heel of neck which will be attached to ‘ukulele side piece.