Learn how to make a ukulele

Build a ukulele in 15 easy to follow steps with pictures and detailed descriptions. Each step will take you through the process of making your own ukulele starting from the assembly sequence where you will begin with the construction of the ukulele neck where you can create your own design for the head. Have fun while you learn about the internal bracing then bend the sides carefully to shape the main ukulele body. Piece it all together for the final sanding and finishing to complete your project. It is a fulfilling accomplishment to make your own ukulele and know that you can do it. Once you make one you will probably want to build more and as you do you can get more and more creative in the detail.

The first one I made was a bit rough to say the least but I was happy with it and still play it today.  Since the first one I’ve built several more and each time it gets easier and less time consuming.  It’s a fun process to try different types of wood and hear how they sound.  All in all I hope that you get as much fun as I did and continue to do.

The following is a the list of links and there respective descriptions:

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